We have accomplished everything so far because of incredible people who believe in our mission as much as we do. We appreciate any and all donations of money, time, or goods/services.

We accept donations year-round. Watch in the Spring semester for announcements of who receives the scholarship for the year.

Want to Volunteer?

Other Ways to Donate

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Where & How They are Used

When we started this scholarship, we had a goal of raising $15,000. We fell slightly short of that goal during our first year but plan to far exceed that number this year.

This number may seem arbitrary; however, it is to sustain this scholarship for many years to come. Mrs. Marshall never gave up on her students and always inspired them to succeed and that is our number one goal in offering this scholarship. We are deeply grateful for every donation.


Of course our primary goal is to raise money to offer one or more $1000 scholarships. Our applications are open to all Catoosa High School Seniors who meet the requirements whether they plan to attend university or trade school.


Every year we will host at least two events in the community to raise funds for the scholarship. Some donations may go to event needs.

Commeration Plaques

Because of the nature of this scholarship, we thought it was fitting to remind our receipients of the scholarship a plaque to remind them what they stood for that earned them the scholarship. 

Additionally, we have a perpectual plaque of the school highlighting the receipients as well. 

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

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